Sigma 30 Inertial Navigation System

The Sigma 30 INS is the worldwide reference today for latest-generation artillery systems. It meets the demands of these systems perfectly, from ultra secure high-precision aiming, decametric-class localization without GPS and resistance to extreme shock levels. The major international prime contractors – especially European, Indian and Asian ones – have placed their trust in the Sigma 30.


The Sigma 30 is wholly designed and produced by Sagem specifically for artillery applications. Based on a digital ring laser gyro with a 32cm optical perimeter, Sigma 30 offers a pointing accuracy greater than 1 angular mil for azimuth and 0.5 mil for elevation. It operates independently but can also house a GPS receiver as an option. It is highly reliable, robust and easy to use and maintain.

The Sigma 30 INS has a wide range of performance, enabling it to satisfy both the requirements of designers of advanced weapons systems that make use of 155mm howitzers and multiple rocket launchers of all calibers and other emerging requirements, such as the digitization of 105mm light canons and 120mm smoothbore or riffled mortars.

Sigma 30 is also commonly used to modernize systems in service, which can include the tactical computer as part of a “turnkey” program (Phoenix system).

The Sigma 30 system is used in more than 25 international programs for towed and tracked howitzers, multiple rocket launchers and mortars: Nexter’s Caesar, BAE Bofors’ Archer, Thales’ 2R2M, the European MLRS, Pinaka (India), etc.

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