Scorpion: French Army’s modernization program

With an overall budget of approximately 10 billion euros, the Scorpion program is aimed at transforming the French Army, to allow it to meet the operational challenges of tomorrow. It brings together all the French Army platform programs: EBRC*, VBMR**, modernized Leclerc heavy tank, Felin, Scorpion Combat and Information System (SIC-S) and communication means.

In 2007, the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) briefed bidders on “Operation Scorpion”. In response, Sagem defined an industrial vision founded on some of the basic cornerstones required for success. First, there is a need for strong, unified industrial expertise to ensure the program’s coherence. The program is to be based on simulation, a “system of systems” engineering approach and experiments adapted to the challenges that ensure the incremental approach. Then, an experimental step-by-step validation procedure is to be implemented, consolidating a process of accelerated ownership by the Land Forces. Finally, a strong hub of combat electronics, called “vetronics”, will be developed, applicable to all the Scorpion platforms, to guarantee the enhanced information capabilities sought.

In 2009, in response to the tender launched by the DGA for the Scorpion contact system architecture and project management, Sagem teamed up with its BOA demonstrator program partners. The Thales, Nexter, Sagem consortium has in-depth knowledge in the air-land environment and its partners are extensively involved in the systems deployed, or being deployed, by the French Army. They are organized in a joint venture with operational and decision autonomy.

Within this framework, Sagem is making the most of its experience in battlefield information systems, available at the lowest tactical level, its expertise in optronics representing most battlefield sensors, fitted on all the platforms in the theatre of operations (vehicles, UAV, UGV soldiers, etc.), and its ability to master Felin’s incremental and technological upgrading, and more generally, the environment of the networked operational services using Felin. That environment includes vehicles in interaction with Felin operating within a joint framework.

Learn more about the Scorpion program (French Ministry of Defense website)

* EBRC: Armored Reconnaissance and Combat Tank
** VBMR: Multirole armored vehicle