Solutions for submarines

At the forefront of innovation in the fields of gyroscopy and optics, Sagem continues to push back the limits of submarine safety, discretion and precision with modular, scalable, high-performance navigation and optronics systems.


Intended for new or retrofit vessels, the Sagem systems are currently used by a great number of platforms such as Daphné, Agosta, Scorpène, Redoutable, Triomphant, Améthyste, Rubin Kilo, Kockums, HDW Dolphin and U209. Moreover, an above-surface detection system as well as a navigation system will soon equip France’s future Barracuda-class SSN.

Navigation systems

Drawing on its extensive experience in designing navigation systems, Sagem offers highly reliable and accurate solutions for all types of nuclear and conventional submarines. Sagem’s fully integrated navigation systems feature a navigation computer, a dedicated inertial navigation system and several other navigation sensors. The aim is to provide safe, precise and discreet submarine navigation by using several high-level sensors that supply the required data to crew members and the combat system.

Radar and optronics systems

As a world leader for IRST-type infrared search and track systems, Sagem solutions guarantee operational performance thanks to designs based on combat-proven situations. Sagem provides a wide range of perfectly mastered radar and optronics systems: Compact radar mast Series 10 CSR, Attack periscope Series 20 APS and Optronic mast Series 30 SMS.

These systems are currently used by the French Navy and/or DCNS, as well as by many other foreign navies.

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