Self-protection system - NGDS

The NGDS (New Generation Dagaie System), a self-defense unit, is the most polyvalent decoy launcher in the world. It offers a comprehensive response to new missile threats and protects surface vessels effectively against anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.


NGDS is a self-defense electronic warfare unit based on decoy launchers. Used for protecting all types of vessels against anti-ship missiles and torpedoes, it meets the French Navy’s strictest requirements. Each system is equipped with a single (for ships under 1000t) or dual (for ships over 1000t) launcher including decoys (infrared, radar or acoustic) adapted to the threat to be neutralized.

The NGDS system adapts to all types of munitions: electromagnetic or IR decoys, Active Offboard Decoy (AOD), Anti-Torpedo Decoy and/or laser jammer, deployed at short, medium or long range. The launchers are linked to a computer that selects the decoying best-suited technique. The Electronic Warfare Coordination Center provides the commanding officer with the ship’s tactical situation and coordinates the various Electronic Warfare (EW) tactics: threat evaluation, tactics optimization, coordination of decoys, radar jammer and more generally, electronic countermeasures Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

NGDS can set off various anti-missile tactics: centroid seduction, active seduction, dump seduction (with a jammer), confusion dilution or distraction. It is integrated into the ship combat system and can react automatically to current or emerging threats, in extremely short times. As a result, NGDS provides a perfect combination between credibility, effectiveness and ruggedness while offering the best possible cost/performance ratio.

PDF - 539.3 kb NGDS (New Generation Dagaie Systems)