Optronics Systems

Sagem is an expert in all the technologies necessary to develop optronic systems and comprehensive self-defense solutions to protect ships and clients’ interests. Sagem’s offer targets all types of military vessels: aircraft carriers, frigates, corvettes and patrol boats.


Surveillance, observation and warning

For this primary function composed of three stages, Sagem offers its clients a new generation of multi-sensor optronic systems for their surface ships (frigates, corvettes and patrol boats). This equipment integrates the latest in optronic sensors to detect and identify threats both day and night from a great distance, providing commanders with a strong advance warning. It also offers an automatic panoramic search-and-track function that enables users to detect at low altitudes and automatically pursue threats.

In a more and more uncertain security context, asymmetric threats are now to be reckoned with along with traditional military threats, such as anti-ship missiles. Naval operations – and namely coastal operations – must take into account air, land and sea threats. Recent crises have shown that armed groups can have sophisticated weapons at their disposal.

As a result, when it comes to coastal combat, traditional or conventional active sensors, such as radars, have to be supplemented by optronic systems. These contribute to the operational effectiveness of a warship for reconnaissance, engagement and self-defense. Optronic systems also play a crucial role in protecting maritime approaches, namely in identifying surface targets.