Capitalizing on its expertise in astronomy, space and lasers, Sagem designs and produces all kinds of optics specific to the semi-conductor industry, whether in the Ultraviolet, (UV), Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) or Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) field.

State-of-the-art expertise

Sagem’s Reosc department has several specific skills in the production of semi-conductors: high-precision opto-mechanical-thermal engineering, milling of silicon carbide and vitroceramic materials, EUV and DUV quality polishing, EUV ML coating, AR-HR-dichroic-polarizing in DUV, high stability and (sub-µm) high-precision opto-mechanical assembly, cleanliness and contamination.
These skills have allowed the development of key applications for industrial projects: flux collection, illumination, imaging, high-stability structural elements, bar mirror, miscellaneous high-performance equipment for EUV and DUV.

High-performance optical components and systems

Sagem provides products specifically developed for semi-conductor applications:
  • DUV optics for lithography and inspection
  • EUV mirrors, EUV equipment and collectors
  • Optronic equipment
  • Customized services and components
  • Test facilities
  • Miscellaneous optical tooling: master segment mirrors, master spheres, mounts, collimators, etc.

Deep Ultraviolet optics (DUV)

Sagem has developed the technology required for manufacturing optical components and sub-systems working at 248 nm and 193 nm particularly with high-durability, very low absorption anti-reflective coatings, super-polishing for lenses and mirrors, as well as technology for mirror and lens stability compatible with DUV requirements (without adhesive).

Extreme Ultraviolet optics (EUV)

Sagem’s expertise in the field of EUV optics has been demonstrated through the various French and European programs in which Sagem is or has participated (MEDEA+ Extatic, Extumask, Eagle and IST more Moore, etc.).
Within the framework of those major programs, Sagem Reosc has developed super-polished mirrors working at 13 nm and in particular, a Schwartzschild 10X - NA 0.32 and illumination optics for the Bench Exposure Laboratory (BEL) at CEA-Leti, with a wavefront error under 1.8 nm rms, and roughness under 1.5 Å.
Via the MEDEA+/EAGLE and CATRENE/EXEPT program, Sagem is also working on manufacturing high-efficiency EUV collectors for the next generation of sources.

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