Thermal and Multifunction Imagers

Sagem offers a wide range of high-performance thermal and multifunction imagers for OEM integrators, systems integrators and prime contractors for aeronautic, land-based and naval platforms.


Sagem’s imagers offer is designed for OEMs, industrial integrators and manufacturers of sights and fire control or observation systems for land-based (vehicles), naval and airborne applications. More generally, Sagem imagers are suited for all military or homeland protection systems (border control, etc.) that require mobile or fixed night vision capability.

Sagem designs and produces three families of imagers:

  • Imagers for diverse applications
  • Imagers for critical missions
  • Imagers for missile firing posts

Sagem, your partner on land, at sea and in the air

Building on more than 30 years of experience in optronics and navigation systems, Sagem offers a broad range of products and solutions to meet observation and engagement requirements, with life cycle support provided by Sagem or by a local partner. Incorporating all key optronics technologies, our equipment gives today’s armed forces an edge where it counts – on the battlefield.

Tens of thousands of Sagem products are now in service worldwide, boosting the efficiency of combat units in all critical mission phases, from surveillance and intelligence, to identification and protection.

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Sagem imagers benefit from a wide range of related services: engineering and interface assistance, documentation, user training, maintenance, training and tools, maintenance transfer and scheduling, obsolescence and equipment management, etc.

Key points

More than 8 000 Sagem imagers from the three families are in service in more than 30 countries and in all climates: Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, etc.

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