Inertial Navigation Equipment

Sagem designs and manufactures inertial navigation systems and equipment for prime contractors and integrators of land-based, naval and aeronautic platforms and systems. This includes armored vehicles, radars, surface ships, submarines, airplanes and military helicopters for combat, transport, training, maritime patrols and advanced warnings, civilian helicopters, guided weapons, space launchers, satellites, etc.


As the third largest manufacturer of inertial systems, Sagem relies on eighty years of expertise in gyroscopes and covers most of the state-of-the-art technologies: Dynamically Tuned Gyroscopes, Fiber Optics Gyroscopes, Ring Laser Gyroscopes, Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscopes, vibrating gyroscopes, etc. Sagem is constantly heavily investing in R&D to develop tomorrow’s technologies and offer its clients the best products today. Its 100% proprietary technologies cover all fields of navigation.

Sagem provides its cutomers solutions tailored to their needs: comprehensive navigation systems, INS/GPS inertial measurement units and gyroscopic functions.

Sagem has developed an array of inertial solutions commercial, OEM and military applications. These solutions meet the needs of optical, antenna, turret and remotely controlled station gyrostabilization. They can be applied to flight controls and fly-by-wire systems. Sagem also provides inertial measuring units for attitude and heading reference systems, integrated stand-by instruments and low-cost hybrid navigation.

The common feature of these above solutions are extremely high reliability and very low measuring noise

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