Portable optronics for homeland security

Making the most of their know-how in portable optronics for Defense, Sagem and its subsidiary Vectronix offer a wide range of products intended for homeland security missions, including day or night observation, identification and location, ideal for use by law enforcement, customs, coast guards, border police and sea rescue teams, etc.

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Vigilens is a mid-range multifunction infrared handheld binoculars for civilian and security applications. Featuring a day channel, uncooled thermal channel (8-12µm), laser range finder, digital magnetic compass and GPS, Vigilens enables observation of an event, then detection, identification and accurate location of a person or vehicle. Combining 5 sensors in a lightweight, compact device, Vigilens is silent, self-contained, reliable and easy to use. It features multimedia interfaces and advanced communication capabilities. It can be packaged for special operations.

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TIPS is a thermal observation pocket scope for civilian and security applications. Small, lightweight, compact and waterproof, the TIPS monocular is based on uncooled infrared technology (8-12µm). Meeting all the needs of public safety and rescue operations (surveillance of facilities, homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting and environmental missions), TIPS is capable of detecting human activities up to 1,200 meters. Discreet, quick-to-implement (under 6 seconds) and long running, it can operate for over 6 hours with commercial AA/LR6 batteries. Easy to use, it provides remote observation and control.

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Clara: light intensification night-vision goggles. Based on proven technology (18-mm I² tubes), the Clara night-vision goggles are highly valued by Armies and Police Forces for their sturdiness and ease of use. Compact, lightweight and sturdy, they are available in XD4, XR5 and GEN III versions. They can be paired with an x4 afocal lens.

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Pocket Laser Range Finder (PLRF) by Vectronix includes four models that have very high-quality optics in common, enabling optimal detection, recognition and identification, even in harsh conditions, from 5 meters to over 2 or 3 kilometers depending on the model (PLRF10 or 15). An angular reticle with 5-mil graduation makes pointing to small objects easier and enables range estimation beyond laser range. PLRF10C and 15C integrate a digital magnetic compass making it possible to obtain azimuth or bearing, inclination or elevation, horizontal distance and height difference, between the observer and an object, as well as between two remote objects.
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