Patroller™-S is a safe and high-performance system developed to fulfill all types of homeland security missions for police forces, customs, border control, civil or environmental protection, etc.


Patroller™-S characteristics make it an efficient, reliable and flexible system, adapted to any type of homeland security missions in an joint-ministerial context. The range of missions covers coastal and border surveillance, police or road monitoring missions, protection of major or sensitive sites (scientific, industrial or resource extraction sites), environmental protection (pollution detection, maritime cleanups, etc.), natural disaster prevention or monitoring, (forest fire detection, meteorological missions, situation assessment after earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricanes, victim search, etc.).

Patroller™-S is a highly reliable and robust system. It is designed to answer to highest flight safety requirements thanks to its airframe certified by EASA to civil aviation standards, its triplex Flight Control System, its certified and redundant actuators and its LOS redundant datalink.

Patroller™-S is equipped with Sperwer Mk.II combat-proven mission control system, including: avionics, datalink, imaging chain and ground control station. Thanks to an engine confined in mid-plane module and an airframe entirely made of composite and carbon, the Air Vehicle features a very low noise, and its three retractable landing gears favor observation with no maskings.

Patroller™-S can easily be transported to the area of operations as the air vehicle fits in a trailer and the compact GCS is installed into a light all-terrain vehicle. The aircraft can be be used in either piloted or UAV mode, according to requirements and flight authorization regulations. As a result, Patroller™-S can easily be flown to its zone of operation in non-segregated airspace and then carry out its missions from a local site in segregated airspace in UAV mode.

Its flight capabilities allow it to cruise at 20 000 ft for more than 20 hours in its day/night optronics sensor configuration (EO/IR), with two additional fuel tanks under its wings. It may be equipped with additional payloads depending on the mission, e.g. weather radar or SAR, etc.

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Main characteristics:

  • Long-duration missions: > 20 hours endurance
  • Multi-payload capacity: high-performance TV +IR + laser range finder, SAR, COMINT, ELINT, etc.
  • Automatic takeoff and landing; backup ATOLS optional
  • Range of action: 200km with a direct link in Ku bandwidth (LOS); 2000km with a satellite link (BLOS/Satcom)
  • Air Traffic Control integration : Transponder/IFF mode 3C and on-board VHF relay for communication with ATC
  • Optionally Piloted Vehicle mode (OPV)
  • Handover capability between two GCSs
  • Air transportable in freight transport aircraft
  • Direct image transmission to ground units and intervention vehicles via Sagem RVT