Safran group core values

Safran operates according to seven core values, providing the foundations of its identity and its image in the eyes of customers, shareholders and employees.

Focus on customers

Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and guiding principle. We must continually focus on:
  • listening to our customers, anticipating and understanding their requirements, and meeting their needs by being available and responsive;
  • contributing to their success through targeted initiatives and personalized support.

Meeting our commitments

Meeting our commitments implies the ability to mobilize our energies to meet or exceed expectations. All employees must honor their commitments to customers and partners, whether internal or external, in compliance with the Group’s ethical guidelines.


We are a high-technology group, and our innovative and entrepreneurial mindset applies to all aspects of our business – products, services, support functions, etc. – at every level of the enterprise. This dynamic value calls on everybody’s creative instincts and the inspiration and satisfaction of meeting challenges.


It is imperative that we anticipate market requirements, and provide a quick response under all circumstances. Being responsive also means being agile, making a proactive commitment to necessary reforms, and knowing how to adapt to change.

The Power of Teamwork

Safran fosters a team spirit, based on solidarity and sharing knowledge, both inside the Group and with our partners in France and around the world. The Power of Teamwork is the watchword behind our corporate continuous improvement initiative.

People development and recognition

This core value means providing the conditions for everybody to succeed, and recognizing results. Collective performance depends on the quality of each individual. We let the world know that we nurture the development of our human potential.

Corporate citizenship

Acknowledged for the excellence of our products and services, Safran fosters and shares progress across the board, covering economic, social and cultural aspects. For example, we are committed to the development of a culture of prevention, to manage all health, safety and environmental risks entailed by our businesses. We make a proactive contribution to social solidarity and equality through our policy of integrating disadvantaged persons and promoting diversity within the enterprise.