Customer Support

Sagem grants a great deal of importance to customer satisfaction and provides them with support throughout the year in the use of their Sagem products. By phone, fax or email, Sagem specialists answer questions and handle problems. They travel worldwide to set up, maintain and repair Sagem equipment or train their users.


Sagem Customer support strives to pay special attention and listen carefully in all circumstances to customer needs, so innovative solutions can be developed to meet those needs. Sagem is highly responsive and supplies spare parts as quickly as possible. They are committed to the shortest repair time possible for damaged or faulty equipment, to guarantee operators optimal management of their fleets.

Due to its permanent concern for customer information, Sagem Customer Support regularly publishes Service Bulletins (SB) and Service Information Letters (SIL) about product evolution, as well as Components Maintenance Manuals (CMM) and guides.

To ensure optimal use of its products, Sagem also offers training programs that can be taught in its training centers or directly on site in the customer’s facilities.

AOG emergency service

For grounded aircraft, Sagem offers an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) emergency service available year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In less than 4 hours, Sagem delivers the equipment requested to the airfreight forwarder at the nearest airport. To contact the AOG emergency service:

  • Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia, Australia et New Zealand : OEMServices AOG desk (D7 H24) | Tél. : +33 1 7202 2323 | Fax : +33 1 4975 4574 |
  • USA : Sagem Avionics Inc | Tel: +1 972 314-3600 (8 am – 5 pm) | Outside business hours: +1 972 333-0827

Technical Support

Technical assistance is available year round to answer technical questions concerning Sagem equipment, data analysis and programming stations or systems. Depending on the needs, specialized teams can take action on site, worldwide. To contact the Technical Support:

  • Internet Site support:
  • USA: Sagem Avionics Inc, Dallas, TX
    +1 972 314 3604 for ACMS,
    +1 972 314 3603 for AGS systems,
    +1 972 314 3613 for electromechanical actuators,
    +1 972 314 3616 helicopter automatic pilot systems.

Maintenance, repairs and sale of spare parts

Sagem offers solutions adapted to each of its customers, from basic equipment repairs to general revision, as well as the sale of spare parts, routine replacements, equipment loan and rental or contracts per flight hour. Services are performed within the framework of packaged prices and within periods ranging from 10 to 21 days, depending on the equipment. To contact: