Flight Data Management – FDM Suite

As a pioneer for over 60 years in flight data analysis, Sagem provides airline companies and aircraft fleet operators with the means to improve the safety of their operations while reducing costs, thanks to a full, integrated range of aircraft equipment for flight data acquisition, management, recording and analysis.

FDM Suite is designed for airline companies and aircraft fleet operators seeking to improve flight safety (FOQA) and optimize the performance of their aircraft, while lowering maintenance-related costs (MOQA), and who want to be in charge of the whole chain in-house, from flight data collection through to their analysis and processing.

FDM Suite is a complete package of coherent tools and equipment that, used together, can manage the whole flight data process effectively, including acquisition, management, recording and analysis.

It includes maintenance monitoring systems (ACMS) installed in aircraft that record data from the systems and equipment during flight, to detect technical failures via alerts and reports, and to foresee possible breakdowns so as to optimize the maintenance costs of each aircraft. A WEFA system, adapted to the new generations of planes, can be integrated into the ACMS units, in order to transfer data from the plane, right after the flight, to the operator’s servers via a 3G-type secure wireless extension.
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In the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) package, Sagem also supplies, an interface for configuring the ACMS. Easy-to-use, the GSE allows the configuration of each plane’s ACMS based on the data sought: parameter characteristics, DAR and SAR report management, ACMS report management, management of ACARS and MCDU (Multifunction Control Display Unit) features. Once configured, the ACMS generates personalized reports, adapted to the needs of each operator.

Finally, FDM Suite includes the Analysis Ground System (AGS), a powerful flight data analysis tool that enables operators to automate reports and analyze the data gathered in depth, to ensure optimal operating conditions (FOQA, MOQA). That data can also be analyzed using the CEFA 3D-module.
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