Vampir NG

Vampir NG is an absolutely unique naval search and track (IRST) system. In addition to being the most widely sold equipment worldwide, Vampir NG is above all the only system capable of effectively answering the different threats encountered by naval ships in both blue sea and littoral environments.


Vampir NG is a very long-range infrared search/track system. It provides naval ships with passive panoramic surveillance functions including automatic detection, tracking and reporting of symmetric or asymmetric threats, from sea-skimming anti-ship missiles to Fast Incoming Attack Craft such as jet skis.

Vampir NG offers two operational modes: “ocean” mode allows very large range search at high sea while “littoral” mode allows long-range and large elevation search along the coast. The false alarm rate is very low, even in the littoral environment.

It is the most sensitive system on the market as well as the only one using the ultra-rapid “step-and-stare” principle enabling 360° coverage with a single high-performance, 3rd generation 3-5 μm IR camera. The high-resolution, 3-axis stabilized video enhances the advanced identification capabilities. It is backed by an image processing system offering optimal performance, even in rough seas.

Easy to install, Vampir NG has a modular design and a comprehensive built-in test making on-board maintenance easier. Its acquisition and maintenance costs are low.

Vampir currently equips the navies of France (MB version on aircraft carriers, anti-air warfare frigates, anti-submarine warfare frigates), Italy (MB version on Horizon-class anti-air warfare frigates), Korea (MB version on LPX-class LHDs and KDX-III class AEGIS destroyers) and Australia (NG version on Anzac-class frigates, LHDs, and AEGIS anti-air warfare destroyers, also known as AWDs).

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Main characteristics

  • Ultra-rapid Step-and-Stare
  • High-performance 3-5 μm IR camera
  • High-resolution, 3-axis stabilized video camera
  • Ocean and Littoral Modes

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