Homeland security

Sagem offers a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of homeland security missions of all kinds such as law enforcement, customs, border patrol, emergency preparedness or environmental protection.

Territory surveillance

Sagem has developed optronic systems (TEOS™ and SAPS) for very remote detection and reconnaissance of potential threats. Thanks to a long observation range and maximal autonomy, the high-precision systems can adapt to the strictest observation constraints.

Portable optronics

Sagem and its subsidiary, Vectronix, have developed a range of optronic products intended for homeland security missions: multifunction infrared cameras (Vigilens), handheld thermal observation monoculars (TIPS), night-vision goggles (Clara), and pocket laser range finders (PLRF). These solutions are available for use by law enforcement, customs, coast guards, etc.


Designed for helicopters, airplanes and drones, the Euroflir gyrostabilized electro-optical system can perform optimally for missions such as search and rescue (SAR), coastal patrol, maritime or territorial surveillance.


Suitable for a great number of territorial security missions within an interministerial framework, Patroller™-S is an effective, reliable and flexible drone system.