Weapons and Missiles

In the field of missiles and weapons for air, land and sea warfare, Sagem’s offer is structured around multimode/infrared seekers on one hand, and around the Modular Air-to-Ground Weapons (AASM) family on the other hand. High-performance, reliable and competitive, these solutions from seekers to full weapons benefit from Sagem’s renowned know-how and technological expertise.


Modular Air-to-Ground Weapons (AASM)

Featuring a guidance kit and range extension kit, the Modular Air-to-Ground Missile is fired from standoff range and, depending on the version, can be aimed at stationary or moving targets with very high accuracy, day or night, in all weather conditions. Autonomous, interoperable and “combat proven”, the AASM adapts to different bomb bodies (125, 250, 500 and 1000 kg) and covers several guidance solutions: INS/GPS, INS/GPS/Infrared and INS/GPS/Laser.

Because coordinates can be programmed before flight and re-programmed in flight, the AASM enables a single plane deal with several different targets simultaneously (up to 6 for the Rafale). Its characteristics (flexible use, easy-to-handle, vertical strike capacity) allow it to cover the whole spectrum of offensive air missions: air interdiction, close ground support, suppression of enemy air defenses, and specialized missions, etc.

Different versions of the AASM are currently used by the French Air Force on the Rafale and deployed in overseas operations.

Multimode/infrared seekers

Sagem offers customized guidance solutions for all types of missiles. Whether infrared or multimode, these seekers can integrate GPS and/or inertial navigation systems They call on Sagem’s unique expertise in the following technologies: inertial sensor units, infrared sensor units, semi-active laser units, image processing, decoy discrimination, real-time processing, etc.

Capitalizing on Sagem’s expertise in overall design and system integration, Sagem’s seekers are fitted on the following weapons and missiles: MICA (air-air), MICA VL (surface-air), Mistral (surface-air), AASM (air-surface), Magic 1 and 2 (air-air), R511 and R530 (air-air). Sagem also participates in the design of FASGW(H)/ANL, the future Franco-British anti-ship missile.