Sagem is currently developing future high technology for land, sea, air or space. Its expertise within the fields of optoelectronics, electronics, mechanics or other engineering systems follow a standard of excellence, which has been recognised by its clients worldwide. Sagem believes that its expertise and its activity constitute its most valuable assets and the company is committed to its Centers of Excellence and its expert communities. At Sagem, grey matter is structured as a network of skills.


A world leader within its branch, Sagem designs, manufactures, markets and maintains a large variety of products and complex systems combining several technology options. In order to achieve this challenge every day, Sagem has established its structure by creating multidisciplinary teams at a human scale. This allows each engineer to reach a global understanding of the company’s products. By working within the framework of projects, technical strategies or programs, an engineer may quickly ascend to a management position or another occupation. At Sagem, technologies are pluralistic, but each project is professionally unique.

Involved in systems engineering as well as civil and military equipment manufacturing, Sagem continues to evolve within growing markets. In order to ensure its long-term development, the company has chosen to heavily invest in research and development, allocating up to 10% of its turnover to this purpose. Through the support of the Safran Group and several targeted acquisitions, Sagem today continues to develop its business in France and abroad, offering its staff excellent opportunities for mobility and career development. At Sagem, technology is a joint passion on a daily basis.